Spirit Week

Bement Lab Spirit Week, which started back in 1998, is held once a year, usually in late summer or early fall.  Each day of Spirit Week has a different theme, and everyone in the lab has to dress according to the theme.  In addition, everyone has to keep in costume as long as they are on campus, even if this means attending a meeting of some kind dressed as, say, Jed Clampett. 

The themes are chosen by vote from a list generated over the course of the year.  There is no particular rhyme or reason to the theme choices, which typically range from the awfully-inane to the almost-inspired. When appropriate, theme-linked playlists are generated. Friday of Spirit Week is reserved for the theme that gets the most votes and is usually accompanied by a lab lunch and movie.  Examples of different spirit week days from the past 12 years are shown below.


Chilean Frog Hunter Day (2019)


Logging Day (2019)


Florida Man Day (2019)


Rick and Morty Day (2019)


Birds Day (2019)




Goth/Emo Day (2018)


Clue Day (2018)



Surf Day (2018)


The Bachelor/Bachelorette day (2019)


Disney Princess Day


Ill-Advised Hair Cut Day


The Avengers Day


Star Wars Day


Under The Sea Day


Where's Waldo Day


80s Prom Day


Lego Day


Spice Girls Day


Extraterrestrial Day


Game of Thrones Day


Novel Phobia Day


If Tennis Pros Did Science Day


'Merica Day


Lame Excuse Day


Outer Space Day


Classic Cartoon Day


Famous Birthdays Day


Mollusc Day


Tool Day


Anne of Green Gables Day


Minor Simpson's Character Day


Hobbits from Lord of the Rings Day


Madonna Day


Gilligan's Island Day


Lab Fashionista Day


Novel Beauty Products Day


A close up in case you couldn't see just how attractive these novel beauty products render the wearer


Outlaw Day!


Lady Gaga Day


Broadway Musical Day


Original Super Hero Day



Christmas Sweater Day



Video Game Character Day


Mad Scientist Day


Benign Approaches to Torture Day